Acne treatment

Acne treatment

Acne is a simple and common problem that affects millions of people every year as it affects most of teenagers and a reasonable percent of adults. It also could affect both sexes so; basically everyone is susceptible for acne formation.

It is known that acne is formed when the skin debris and the dead cells are mixed with oily secretions and lodge in a hair follicle of the face to start forming a black head and proceed from that point to start a series of inflammation steps when it is invaded with bacteria.

The control of acne is divided into two stages, the first stage is the prevention and the second stage is the treatment itself. The first stage, prevention, is essential for everyone and especially those who are more susceptible. Teenagers, girls in pre and post menstrual cycle and those who are in menopause periods are more susceptible and should take extra care in performing the prevention steps. As the oily secretions is a basic ingredient in the formation of the plug then the people who have excessive oily secretions are more susceptible than those with dry skin.

The first prevention step is cleaning the face with a proper antiseptic lotion every day. The everyday life may accumulate lots of debris and dust on your face. This debris is stubborn and could not be flushed out with water and soap only. You should use a cleansing lotion to remove this debris completely from your face.

The second stage is the usage of a suitable scrub according to the type of your skin to get rid of the dead cells which are basic ingredient in the formation of acne too. The scrub will help to peal the skin from the superficial dead layer leaving the healthy skin intact and free from dead cells.

Performing these two steps regularly will keep your skin free from debris and dead cells. The usage of oil control lotion will help those with excess oily secretions to avoid acne formation but this type of lotion should not be used by people who have dry skin as it may have adverse effect on their skin.

The second stage of the acne control is the acne treatment. This stage should be done under the supervision of a certified dermatologist as he is the only one able to determine the proper treatment for your case. Generally, the topical application of salicylic acid is used to remove the acne while accompanied with a soothing lotion to remove the itchy feeling. If the patient does not use the soothing lotion he or she may tend to scratch or squeeze the acne and this may lead to the spread of infection as well as leaving a permanent scar.